common objects

(2005- )

john butcher

angharad davies

rhodri davies

lina lapelyte

lee patterson

pat thomas


Photograph by Colin Davidson. AV Festival 14

Common Objects has five core members, who represent musicians from the experimental, sound art and improvised music fields. The ensemble also draws on additional members for specific projects. Their most recent commission was to perform a new graphic score by Rhodri Davies, called Cup and Ring, at the AV Festival 2014 (CD on Another Timbre). The ensemble has also played at the LMC Festival, Freedom of the City and Sounds New Festival.


" the discursive delicacy of two lengthy soundscapes etched by the six members of the improv and sound design collective Common Objects." George Hall, Guardian 2016


"Ironic and non-ironic beards and sandals could be seen in the audience, their owners solemnly nodding through two improvisations from the sextet Common Objects. We heard a slow-mo development of ideas from barely audible flecks of plucked strings to great sonic booms, with scattered sounds that conjured a bloody insurrection at a battery poultry farm." Anna Picard, The Times 2016



common objects: john butcher / angharad davies / rhodri davies / lee patterson - whitewashed with lines, another timbre at85x2 CD 2015


common objects: john butcher / rhodri davies / lee patterson - live in morden tower, mikroton 29 CD 2013