angharad davies: violin

rhodri davies: electric harp

nikos veliotis: cello

Cranc formed in 1999. They perform infrequently and rarely release any music. They began performing with an interactive, gestural and highly energised aesthetic, as documented on their first CD release, ‘All Angels’. They are now exploring calm sonic landscapes. Although they mostly use acoustic instruments, they sound shamelessly electronic.

“Cranc’s improvisations have an alluring musicality, facilitating a listening experience largely unperturbed by analysis. Minutes can elapse without the listener consciously latching onto Cranc’s adroit ensemble approach, which is frequently conveyed in dovetailing whispers and murmurs…As a result, Cranc creates an unlikely deep listening experience.” bill shoemaker, the wire, April 2001

Concerts include; All Angels, London [1999]; 2.13 Festival, Athens [2000+2002]; All Angels Festival, London [2001]; Free Music Festival, Antwerp [2001]; Tour of England [2003]; Printing House Festival, Dublin [2005]; NPAI, Parthenay [2007]; Q02 Residency, Brussels [2008]; Cut and Splice, London (with Mark Wastell) [2008]; HCMF (with Radu Malfatti), Huddersfield [2008]; Meteo, Mulhouse Music Festival [2011]; Festival Densit├ęs [2015].

cranc: copper fields (organized music from thessaloniki / absurd, 2010)

cranc: all angels (edo cd 07, 1999)