the sealed knot

burkhard beins: percussion

rhodri davies: electric harp

mark wastell: double bassrhodri davies, mark wastell, burkhard beins at ausland. photo: marta blazanovic, 2013

"...Overall, they give the impression of a gradual ebb and flow of layered soundfields over a bedrock of silence. Confronted with the trio's intricately plaited tones, sometimes it's hard to tell the provenance of a particular sound - like many musicians exploring extended techniques, they're at war with their instruments...Gradual shifts and the kind of communication that develops within longstanding musical relationships are central to the group aesthetic. The slow, deliberate movement of The Sealed Knot's music often sounds semi-composed, a testament to the close bond that they have developed over the years..."

Will Montgomery, "Silence is a rhythm too: The Sealed Knot”, The Wire, June 2002

the sealed knot: live at cafe oto (confront collectors series 17 cdr, 2013)

the sealed knot: and we disappear (another timbre, 2009)

the sealed knot: live at the red hedgehog (confront performance series 03 cdr, 2007)

the sealed knot: unwanted object (confront cd 01, 2004)

the sealed knot: surface/plane (meniscus cd 012, 2003)


the sealed knot (confront cdr 06, 2000)